Top 10 Search Engine Rankings

Pay Only For Your Top 10 Search Engine Rankings

Top 10 search engine rankings are easily achieved by firms doing only the sponsored, pay per click advertising management.  Guaranteed Rankings is the first company to actually provide a financial guarantee on your top 10 search engine rankings, relative to the natural web result listings on the top search engines of the US.

Typically our guarantee covers only top 20 but for certain fields we can work out a custom arrangement that will consider fairness and value.  Top 10 search engine rankings mean first page rankings only; our forte is keeping you within the top 20 but we can do the same guarantee for first page only; not for home based business of anything, not for gifts, but we can consider each field on a case by case basis for top 10 search engine rankings guarantees.

Top 10 rankings are easily hardest to attain at Yahoo and MSN and Google, and often will require more than our standard lead times on rankings reporting.  We may actually have to take the stance, for your field, that many companies take; months; but the value will be well worth the wait; we guarantee it.  Top 10 rankings we have, and we have many clients only contracted for top 20 who we have entirely in the top 10 search engine rankings across the board- ask us who.

Top 10 search engine rankings we have for this site, in our own field, competing against the best of the best; we guarantee top 20; who could be better to be up to the task of attaining and maintaining your top 10 search engine rankings?  Nobody.

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There is no such thing as Guaranteed Rankings.  There is however a financial guarantee that this company will only bill you when we have your site the top 20 of the major US search engines.  Pay monthly only for the rankings we have that are in the top 20 of Google, Yahoo, MSN and the other major US search engines.  Search Engine Rankings or your money back up front.  There is literally no risk to the client.  Search Engine Rankings since 2001, brought to you by Goss Enterprise.  So get the financially guaranteed search engine rankings you deserve.  No cost per click.

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