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Discount Search Engine Rankings

Low Cost First Rate Search Engine Rankings with all refundable prices

Up front development fees are a one time, $40 per keyword phrase fee.  Looking for a low cost solution to search engine marketing and advertising with focus on your search engine rankings?  Guaranteed Rankings has been providing discount search engine rankings since 2001.  All Guaranteed Rankings fees are refundable so you can't lose on our already low prices.  Guaranteed Rankings is a pay for performance program - could it cost more than what we say in our approximation below?  Yes.


# of keywords $ Up Front Approximate Cost Monthly
10 $400 $150
20 $800 $300
50 $2,000 $750
100 $4,000 $1,500

Guarantee - GOSS ENTERPRISE guarantees to get the purchaserís web site and approved keyword phrases into the 1st or 2nd page rankings in the Search Engine Google.com for high traffic, top performing, verifiably searched keyword search phrases Purchaser will be obligated only to pay for 1st or 2nd page rankings achieved on the keywords aforementioned engines for development fees and monthly maintenance fees.  

We only go after high quality, verifiably high searched phrases that your target audience searches. 

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There is no such thing as Guaranteed Rankings.  There is however a financial guarantee that this company will only bill you when we have your site the top 20 of the major US search engines.  Pay monthly only for the rankings we have that are in the top 20 of Google, Yahoo, MSN and the other major US search engines.  Search Engine Rankings or your money back up front.  There is literally no risk to the client.  Search Engine Rankings since 2001, brought to you by Goss Enterprise.  So get the financially guaranteed search engine rankings you deserve.  No cost per click.

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