Our New Designing Methods

This is how one of the industries leaders work for their clients. These guys have been in business for quite a long time right now and they are actually making the best designs for their sites. Check this out.

Programming and development of web pages with aesthetic lines and original navigation concepts. Web Canarias integrate our creative laboratory in the process, so that design and content go perfectly together. Don’t Forget that Making websites is also an art.

Yes, but … usability is probably the most important thing. If a web is not responsive, it does not work. This means that it adapts to all devices. Did you know that since 2014, mobile phones outnumber computers in the number of connections to the network in the world? The Web Canarias websites are multilingual and comply with the accessibility certificates of the W3C (World Wide Web Consortium).

Do not depend on others; do not lose control. Web Canarias has its own content manager (CMS) and they also work with WordPress and thats huge. We configure it to your needs so you can update your website quickly, easily and securely from anywhere, at any time and in any format. Includes automatic notification systems and content programming.

They are great at corporate portals, online stores and landing pages for promotions, campaigns or events (check out our communication and marketing services and events). We integrate the communication department in the process to create structures, name sections and generate content.

Web Canarias love challenges. They Develop customized applications. In the field of project management, we have our own platform: WordPress. We are also specialists in online registration management and personnel management platforms, with success stories such as J├ĄgerPro, the system developed by Web Canarias for the J├Ągermeister brand.

We offer the services of domain management, hosting (hosting) and web analytics: we guarantee the best SEO and SEM positioning for your websites, applying a rigorous monitoring of their evolution with statistical reports. Check here the digital marketing services of the agency.

Continuous R & D: They investigate and analyze trends. They apply the following technologies: HTML5, CSS3, BOOTSTRAP, FRAMEWORK LARAVEL 5.0 and PHP 7.0 (updated 06/30/2018).

PS: And most importantly, they always explain everything to you.