Guaranteed Top Search Rankings

Pay For Only Guaranteed Top Search Engine Rankings

Guaranteed Top Search Engine Rankings are comprised of several interpretations; many companies guarantee by putting your site in the sponsored listings or rankings - a task any person who can use the internet can quickly and easily manage for themselves.  If you talk with another company that claims they will provide guaranteed top search engine rankings you need to ask them "will my guaranteed top search engine rankings be achieved through the sponsored (featured, pay per click, pay per visitor traffic) or natural web result listings? 

We say we will give you guaranteed top search engine rankings and that means the natural web result listings will be the ultimate destination of your rankings.  You will not be appearing in the sponsored listings through Guaranteed Rankings.

Guaranteed Top Search Engine Rankings should be achieved on relevant, high traffic keyword phrases.  That is all Guaranteed Rankings is interested in guaranteeing top search engine rankings for; top search engine rankings guaranteed on high traffic keyword phrases.  If someone comes to us saying they want guaranteed top search engine rankings on "wire hangers in Texarkana, Texas" we'd let them know that maybe that's where they are geographically located and that may be what they offer but the ideal phrases would be "wire hangers" or "wire hangars" because people only get to the geographical level of searches after failing to find the product or service in an immediately accessible form.  (i.e. an industrial design firm, you'd want locally)  In the instance of an industrial firm the target audience might search "industrial design" or "industrial designer" or "firm" first, then will usually consider searching for "industrial design florida" for instance....  People who'd gladly get an insistent company guaranteed top search engine rankings on "wire hangers in Texarkana, Texas" need to understand their service is not like a design firm, in any way shape or form.  People will take a wire hanger where they can get the best deal but want a local design firm.  Guaranteed Top Search Engine Rankings can be had for oddball phrases.  We will not do this. 

We will share keyword research to validate the phrases we approve as those we agree to attempt to achieve guaranteed top search engine rankings.

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There is no such thing as Guaranteed Rankings.  There is however a financial guarantee that this company will only bill you when we have your site the top 20 of the major US search engines.  Pay monthly only for the rankings we have that are in the top 20 of Google, Yahoo, MSN and the other major US search engines.  Search Engine Rankings or your money back up front.  There is literally no risk to the client.  Search Engine Rankings since 2001, brought to you by Goss Enterprise.  So get the financially guaranteed search engine rankings you deserve.  No cost per click.

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