Affordable Search Engine Rankings

The Most Affordable Search Engine Rankings are by Guaranteed Rankings

Affordable, legitimate search engine rankings are becoming more and more rare and deceptive across the internet.  Here's what you are looking for, when you mean affordable search engine rankings:

  • affordable rankings in the top 20 of the search engines
  • only the major search engines would you ideally pay for affordable top 20 search engine rankings
  • top 20 search engine rankings only; anything 21 and beyond at Yahoo would be free because nobody searches the third page, by and large.
  • Affordable, consistently placed search engine rankings.  You want to know it's a reality you can count on. 
  • Affordable search engine rankings should be priced something like this:
keyword phrases first month total expected monthly fee
10 $400 $125
20 $800 $250
30 $1,200 $375
40 $1,600 $500
50 $2,000 $625
100 $4,000 $1,250

Here is your answer for affordable search engine rankings: you are here.  Search no more; call us; we'll make your affordable search engine rankings a monthly certainty, at Yahoo and MSN and the rest of the best.

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There is no such thing as Guaranteed Rankings.  There is however a financial guarantee that this company will only bill you when we have your site the top 20 of the major US search engines.  Pay monthly only for the rankings we have that are in the top 20 of Google, Yahoo, MSN and the other major US search engines.  Search Engine Rankings or your money back up front.  There is literally no risk to the client.  Search Engine Rankings since 2001, brought to you by Goss Enterprise.  So get the financially guaranteed search engine rankings you deserve.  No cost per click.

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