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Internet Product Marketing

How To Market Your Product On The Internet

Our Process & How To Market Your Product On The Internet - How to market your product on the internet is the most common question posed by any sized business, and it's a question posed by ownership to all the charges at every level of the company.  What we suggest is getting top search engine rankings through optimization on high traffic keyword phrases. (highly searched phrases used by your target audience, or "market", when looking for your product on the internet)  Number one, we will optimize your existing web site.  Pure html sites are going to be viewed best because all of the browsers read them well.  For example Mac users may be a smaller part of the audience but they are still a part, so to market your product on the internet; you have to appeal to all 100 percent of the users' web browsers, from Explorer to Opera and Safari.


Review of goals - Together we establish how we will optimize your site while keeping in mind the market you are marketing your product to on the internet.  We isolate your needs and our proposed solutions for your optimization and search engine marketing. 


Proposal Review - Our promises to you in black and white, which we keep.  Once we have a deal we move on to compiling your program. 

Optimization Fee - To re-work your site and do design work agreed to we will charge an agreed upon fee, which is all based on the volume of areas we are going to address.

Deposit On Search Engine Rankings - At this point we bill our customers a small deposit up front for development, per keyword phrase; a one time fee, toward search engine rankings, or in other words, placement of the site in the natural results of search engine results at Google.  This is a 100% refundable in most instances yet in others, we determine if the need for "category" phrases is going to negate the refundable nature and in fact make it a non-refundable deposit.  Call for details.   

Guarantee - GOSS ENTERPRISE guarantees to get the purchaserís web site and approved keyword phrases into the 1st or 2nd page rankings in the Search Engine Google.com for high traffic, top performing, verifiably searched keyword search phrases Purchaser will be obligated only to pay for 1st or 2nd page rankings achieved on the keywords aforementioned engines for development fees and monthly maintenance fees.  

Implementing Your Program - Meta Tag optimization is implemented then paid and manual submissions begin.  We only want to market the keyword phrases you want to be found on, that we can show are searched aplenty.  We will provide data to reinforce our suggestions in how we are going to market your product on the internet.  Keyword research is our forte and a necessity for successful meta tag creation and optimization.  We will help you to optimize for the most targeted keyword list in your meta tags that suits your needs.  We don't play any games in keyword selection or implications of traffic. 

Program Development - Submissions begin.  In most cases we take fourteen days or less to start to get your site found on the top pages of Google AFTER Google has updated their index to reflect our changes*- if this update is not made by Google that is a factor outside the realm of our control.  Recently it has taken one site a long time to update while the rest characteristically update in a timely fashion. 

First Report - You smile.  You know you are found on the first pages of Google on most of your approved keyword phrases.

Monthly Maintenance - To market your product on the internet we have to maintain your website, submissions, monthly updates, hosting and much more and for these services we have a monthly maintenance fee.  You are provided new reports and billed monthly for the rankings that we maintain and gain through web site meta tag optimization and content rich sites. Your search engine rankings ramp up from being on several engines to being on most or all major US search engines.  As a result your monthly bill will not be steady and will increase in total within the first six months. 

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