Guaranteed Rankings

Search Engine Rankings – Our version of a search engine ranking includes a “guarantee” on actual placement at the search engines up front, or within ten days. Our online marketing service offers a top 20 search queries that is a financial guarantee. Paying monthly for top 20 search engine rankings, on high traffic keywords. 

No longer does the argument carry weight (after 4 years of the argument) that guaranteed search engine rankings are impossible; it’s possible to only bill for top 20 placement on high traffic keyword phrases;

Goss Enterprise has done that only for four years.  It’s entirely possible to bill only for lead generation which is always achieved through a guaranteed search engine ranking; We have done this also for four years.  Clearly, It is quite simple and clearly it is proven. 

Shouldn’t everything be so simple and without risk?  We don’t believe we can change the world; we are conformists.  There are no secrets, we are highly interested in selling leads (and new search engine rankings) to realtors and mortgage brokers in North America, through sites we own and that already have tremendous search engine rankings generating massive amounts of leads daily.

More than most companies can handle and consequently we already did these hot leads to many various companies.  High traffic, high money making fields we already have tremendous success with, that we are highly interested in attaining more search engine ranking customers include: Real estate and realtor and hot leads. Mortgages and mortgage broker search engine rankings and hot leads.

  • Structured settlements search engine rankings (lottery winnings, annuities)
  • Insurance (health, life, auto)
  • Futures trading or commodities (gold, silver, grain, wheat, etc.)
  • Biometric (fingerprint)
  • Employee time and attendance tracking 
  • Automotive or heavy duty (diesel) turbocharger 
  • Hot leads
  • Any other full time
  • Legitimate business
  • Brick and mortar
  • Otherwise we can help professionals with their search engine rankings.

Conversely we will not attempt to achieve search engine rankings for, or work with, the following fields:

  • Home based Business Gifts
  • Cost per Acquisition (CPA)
  • Arrangements Search Engine Ranking Companies
  • Hosting Companies Website Design Companies

Unlike the rest, we will not play those games where your search engine rankings are on keyword phrases that are low volume search terms.  We will only achieve and bill for your search engine rankings on what are considered high traffic, or highly searched keyword phrases at places like the Yahoo, MSN and Google search engines. 

Our search engine keyword research we will share with you to show we are not trying to attain anything less than ideal search engine rankings.  Our approach works so well we do not ever resort to any games like getting your rankings on what will not be searched at Yahoo for example. We promise that, up front, your rankings are guaranteed through our totally refundable deposit.  You will only be billed by Guaranteed Rankings after two weeks, when there has been actual placement achieved, in the form of top search engine rankings. 

We guarantee that monthly we track all your keyword placement at the top search engines.  Guaranteed, you will only ever have to pay for existing top 20 search engine rankings.  Number 21 at Yahoo is third page – our online marketing service does not bill for that search engine ranking. While it is true that the search engines determine the rankings and it is not fully determined by any search engine placement company, we are highly qualified and assert our confidence in our ability as an online marketing service, in attainment of your search engine placement, and thusly only bill for search engine marketing that results in top search engine rankings.

  • ¿Would you pay a builder to construct your house who would take months to start showing results? 
  • ¿Why would you accept those terms with regard to the house you build through your internet presence and search engine rankings?

We take days to deliver your search engine rankings; not months. Nine out of every ten search engine ranking company will employ one approach for your internet presence with regard to the fifteen major US search engines if they even cover them at all – we employ four entirely separate approaches, including web site meta tag optimization, and the creation of new, content driven web sites, that contain feedback forms that give the highest rates of feedback; all of which result in top search engine rankings.

We do not submit all the same work to all search engines.  What’s this mean for you and your online marketing presence?  The same thing it’s meant to our clients for four years; your rankings will be found multiple ways – up to four different ways – on the top of the US search engine rankings, that you’ll only pay for top rankings – if your term shows up #21 at Yahoo, number one on the third page we do NOT bill for that – it must appear in the top 20, or in the top pages, for us to be paid for your search engine rankings. 

Our clients do not leave because they blow away their competitors search engine rankings, multiple ways, period.  Call us and we’ll gladly reference examples and direct you to clients whose words will convince you almost as much as your experience and search engine rankings ultimately will – we will make a believer out of you and you’ll be very happy with the results –

Scroll for sample  you can verify at Yahoo and MSN, as well as links to our various site resources offering search engine placement and internet marketing information. Guaranteed search engine placement = You found a top the search engine rankings at the major, first tier, US search engines. 

Pay only for the search engines shown on this site. Results shown in less than ten days. Our rankings on only your approved keyword phrases. 100 percent refundable deposit. No cost per click search engine rankings. Pay monthly only on top search engine rankings. Low cost development fees with no risk Pay monthly on phrases that your site is placed higher.  Your deposit is refundable for any keyword phrase we do not get ranked – a true, guaranteed ! No cost per click | WEB Las Palmas you pay a flat fee per top search engine ranking. Receive unlimited, free traffic to your website.