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Doing business since 2001.

Those who are less than exemplary in SEO that offer Guaranteed Rankings take different approaches than we do and they do not succeed as we succeed.  If you see negative reviews from SEOme and all over Google and the like, it is not about us; make certain you are not confused with this company; We have been around since the game was still new, in 2001.  We are NOT the company negatively reviewed on Google, called "Guaranteed Rankings" (no dash in their URL) who are at guaranteed (no dash) rankings dot com - and have now moved on to another name.  We are Guaranteed-Rankings. (a dash), d.b.a. since 2001, which says a lot; outliving the competition is priceless.  We do not have one negative mark against us with the BBB, or anywhere we know of. 

Guaranteed Rankings is known as a Niche Marketing Extraordinaire company.  We aren't saying we guarantee anything.  We are the first ones to say "we can't" if we must.  It's not like you can come to us with any site, or any product, or any service and we are going to claim we can help.  If you are in a niche, and we agree to try to help, we are going to put forth a monster effort and achieve a high degree of success; that success is what you will pay for; and only that success.  "Guaranteed Rankings by GOSS Enterprise" is our name, but are you guaranteed any rankings by us? No.  Does it mean we guarantee to put your site #1 or first page on Google for "tee shirts"?  No.  We do not guarantee any results.  Again, we do not guarantee you will be in the top pages whatsoever. “Guaranteed Rankings” are not a conspiracy, there is nothing subversive, dishonest or even too technical to explain to a child; the only guarantee is that you will pay for performance, or achievement, at Google, in the natural results, 1-10; not featured, sponsored, pay per click result listings; we have no pay per click offerings. 

If you are thinking about niche marketing, thinking of being found for "(city name) and product or service", such as "Chicago Florist", we can help.  We can't get anyone found for "flowers" or "florist".  We have worked on a Beverly Hills florist site for ten years.  Did he ever say he had to be found for "Flowers"?  No.  He keeps it niche.  He understands people looking for flowers in Beverly Hills don't need to buy from a "national" site. 

If your site is web based, built with site building tools and software that has no pure HTML editor; or you are using a site everyone else who is selling the same product has a duplicate copy of, we apologize but you can not benefit from what we offer because we ca not possibly implement all of it. 

I am a Niche Marketing Extraordinaire and I have made this company into one.  Chris Gossett is my name and I own Guaranteed Rankings by Goss Enterprise.  I have made my company one that is extraordinary in many respects; the people who work here and the clients we work for are extraordinary and the results we garnish for them are just as extraordinary.  We don't work for just anyone and everyone.  We can't.  We are the Niche Marketing Extraordinaire.

  • Niche Marketing means we aren't a good fit for affiliate marketers.

  • Niche Marketing means we are a good fit for companies who are in niches.

We provide services involving development fees up front and monthly fees.  Development fees up front are $40 per keyword phrase, a one time fee.  This is refundable if we can not achieve the words you want found under.  There is literally no risk involved here except the time to evaluate our work.  If we can't get you ranked, you get your money back, and monthly there is no bill until we have multiple top page rankings at Google.  New sites take longer to get ranked at Google than ever.  If you have a site that is a year in a age, or older, we will see results start as soon as two weeks after the work is done and Google updates their index to reflect the changes we have made.  If your site is new, that Google update is what we will wait months for, once the work is done.  Once the Google index reflects the changes we have made you will start also seeing results within a couple weeks.  It's the fact that new sites take longer to update in the index that keeps them from getting ranked as fast as a site with some age behind it.  Once Google updates, (whether that takes two days, two weeks, or more likely, two months for a new site) then a new site can rank.  Google pays greater attention to older sites, for certain.  Additionally Google pays greater attention to sites that were conventionally built, without the very limiting tools of these web based sites people are putting out now.  On TV you see the ads where anybody can make a professional site?  Those are limited in what HTML work can be done.  Also they say "Get Found" but do those sites get found?  No they do not.  You must have a well optimized site, of age, that is not restricted by the freedom afforded to a site designer.  These web based fields let you work on title, description and keyword tags.  Are those enough?  Absolutely not, they are not enough to alter to GET found.  It would be easy to point out 120 areas needing addressed that those systems disallow, but that would be counter productive.

Monthly fees are based on the reporting on Google as seen in the example below.  A keyword phrase that appears in the top 1 to 5 of Google is $20 for that month.  Any keyword phrase that appears in results 6 to 10 of Google are $15 for that month.  For phrases that appear between results 11 and 15  of Google are $10 for that month.  Results 16 to 20  of Google are $5 for that month.  What is a top ranking on Google currently run your company when you go sponsored and pay per click?  Greater than $20?  It probably does.  In some instances, $20 is barely a fraction of monthly pay per click costs. 

Compare costs, month to month, for comparative placement and relative value.  It's difficult to compare apples to apples when comparing us to other SEO companies.  If you are using Google AdSense you are talking apples to oranges because they are pay per click and don't need to work on your site; you manage it like your bank account online...  If you are using a different SEO company who offers "17 features" you can be assured we cover most those 17.  They talk about press releases, which you can more affordably handle yourself.  We can handle this for you though we don't put together a "can of services" other than getting your site ranked through our means.  They talk about link programs, then want to link you to un-releated company sites; or instance, you run a tool and die shop in New York; if you are linked with a tanning booth company, regardless of their positioning at Google, you are linked to an un-related company which can and probably will ultimately get you penalized.  Buy linking through a company that specializes in one thing; linking.  Insist on seeing and knowing all links and insist that all are COMPETITION.  Most people don't want to link to their competition.  If we are talking about foreign, English speaking competition; i.e. from the UK, Australia, New Zealand; THAT'S a worthwhile link.  We will do this exact thing for you on a cost per case basis. 

Truly there are more like 117 areas of interest; in reality there are many In that comparison we were the bowling balls, the ones offering link farms were the apples; bowling balls crush apples every time. 

Not only is it “right,” the way we present Guaranteed Placement; it is something the rest of the web site search engine placement companies should offer but they do not. Would you rather listen to someone tell you they can not give you what you want? That is exactly what you will find if you search “guaranteed rankings” on Google. After our site, come sites that say contrary statements about the concept of “guaranteed rankings”.  Ironically if you search "guaranteed search engine rankings" you see a lot less of that and a lot more competing companies.  We invite, even encourage you to visit them, compare claims, compare references and make an informed decision.  Do not stop at the behest of someone who has no clue how to get on top of Google making the claim that top rankings are not possible.  They are partially right; from them top rankings are not possible.   There may be companies who have guaranteed placement and not delivered. That does not deter what we do. That does not make what we do any less possible. You can find many companies who guarantee nothing, who will bill you no matter their results for you. Alternatively you can go with a company that puts its money where their mouth is. Every site you read that states they can not offer you any guarantee of rankings placement for your website on Google is 100 percent correct. They can not. We do and will.

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"People pass my competition to come visit me because I am number one.  You are awesome.  Put your banners and links in huge letters on my site.  I reject every other company that calls me claiming to do the same thing."  Jason Roslin, Auto Repair Company - call for reference.

"The site looks better, the rankings look great.  We keep getting alot of calls from the internet! Keep up the GREAT WORK!"  Thanks, Craig Floyd / Truck Company Owner - call for reference.

"Every month I get plenty of new business and the placement has always been spectacular; you've kept me on top for years.  I don't know how you do it!  The work you do keeps me in business."  Mike Johnson / Window Company Owner - call for reference.

There is no such thing as guaranteed rankings.  This is true.  This is an undeniable fact that seems odd to be stated on a site called "Guaranteed Rankings" does it not?  We are not Google, we are not Yahoo, we are not Bing.  They can only guarantee search engine rankings which they choose not to.  We only affect the natural web search engine listings, results 1-10 of 4,000,000 for instance.  We have never been a cost per click company and we are not today.  What we are instead is a Pay For Performance company, that is literally paid only for top performance. 

So what do we guarantee?  We guarantee a monster effort to put your site higher on the search engines and we guarantee we will only bill you based upon the scale above, in our specified time, and we guarantee we will only bill you monthly forsearch engine rankings we have.  If one of your keywords sits number 21 on Google we won't bill for that ranking.  That's what we guaranteeWe call it a "financial guarantee".  We only go after high quality, verifiably high searched phrases that your target audience searches. 

What we do is extremely valuable, and we don't waste our time because IS NOT DONE BY ANYONE ELSE.  We truly are one of the "one percenters" among SEO companies.   

  • Guaranteed - You will only be billed when your search engine rankings are in the top 20, on the keywords with the most traffic, on the major search engines.  

  • Rankings - Top 20 natural, web, search engine listings, in the major US search engine Google. 

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Do the search engines help your phone to ring?  How much more do you need?

Pay For Performance Search Engine Rankings

Pay For Only Top 20 Search Engine Rankings - Guaranteed

SEARCH ENGINE RANKINGS - Whether you are looking to gain search engine rankings, for more affordable search engine rankings or for a better way to improve your search engine rankings to top ten or twenty (top 10 or 20) we are your choice for higher search engine rankings.

Note: Our guarantee is a financial guarantee - that our customer will only pay for top 20 search engine rankings.  Most search engine ranking companies that guarantee the actual search engine rankings are using a BIDDING, cost per click model (featured, sponsored, bidding, etc.) which we refuse to do; we bill for organic, natural web search engine rankings only; no bidding is involved whatsoever; it is up to us to convince the search engines to rank our customer's web sites high in the search engines and we bill only for the top 20 natural search engine rankings that we achieve.  Most of our client's rankings are within the top 10 search engine rankings

Our Guarantee

GOSS ENTERPRISE guarantees to get the purchaser’s web site and approved keyword phrases into the 1st or 2nd page rankings in Google.com, for high traffic, top performing, verifiably searched keyword search phrases Purchaser will be obligated only to pay for 1st or 2nd page rankings achieved on the keywords aforementioned engines for development fees and monthly maintenance fees.  

Contact Goss Enterprise Guaranteed Rankings

Guaranteed Rankings by Goss Enterprise, Toledo, Ohio offers a service that has become more valuable than ever to companies marketing on the web, in light of the recent happenings as stated above.  Being on the first page, consistently in the natural web result listings (results 1-10 of 2,500,000 for example) now makes all the difference in your internet presence.  Having traffic that is no cost per click, having search engine rankings atop the natural web listings, consistently remaining within a couple positions is a whole lot more valuable than fluctuating, paying the high costs associated with the sponsored alternatives.

With respect to the sponsored process, any more, simply bidding doesn't put you number one in the featured listings, keep you number one, or guarantee a number one ranking.  In the past it was as simple as bidding one cent higher than XYZ company to guarantee your number one search engine ranking.  On Google and Yahoo featured or sponsored ads you now must master the contents of what is said in your ad, and even mastery of your ad does not guarantee any position because, in a way, it's a fair playing field; everyone can rotate into and out of the number one position.    Unlike the rest, we will not play those games where your improved search engine rankings are on keyword phrases that are low volume search terms.  We will only achieve and bill for your search engine rankings on what are considered high traffic, or highly searched keyword phrases at places like the Yahoo, MSN and Google search engines



We only bill for top search engine placement on high traffic keyword phrases; as we have only billed at affordable rates for top search engine rankings in the natural search engine rankings since 2002; we do not guarantee top rankings through the simple act of managing sponsored (pay per click) search engine rankings.   Shouldn't everything be so simple and without risk?  We don't believe we can change the world; we are conformists.  There are no secrets.  

Our Process

Guaranteed search engine placement = You found atop the higher, natural search engine rankings;

In the natural search engine rankings - NOT the sponsored, or pay per visitor rankings

No cost per click search engine rankings.

Pay monthly only on top search engine rankings.

At the best, major, first tier, US search engine, Google

Search engine rankings on only your approved keyword phrases.

100 percent refundable deposit sometimes attainable; we will let you know if your field requires a non-refundable deposit.


Low cost development fees with no risk

Pay monthly on phrases that your site is placed high in the search engine rankings.  Your deposit is refundable for any keyword phrase we do not get ranked - a true, guaranteed higher search engine ranking!

Our Prices  

Monthly Pay Per Ranking - No cost per click Higher Search Engine Rankings

Monthly you pay a flat fee per top search engine ranking.  Receive unlimited, free traffic to your website through affordable, higher search engine rankings.

Improved Search Engine Rankings - Our version of a search engine ranking includes a "guarantee" on actual placement at the search engines up front, or within two weeks.  Our online marketing service offers a top search engine guarantee that is a financial guarantee on only paying monthly for top search engine rankings, on high traffic keywords.  These are the most affordable search engine rankings online.


Get onboard with the company that started guaranteed rankings; there is no better company to do any of your internet marketing.  We promise that, up front, your rankings are guaranteed through our totally refundable deposit.  You will only be billed by Guaranteed Rankings after a couple weeks (sometimes longer - never thirty days), when there has been actual placement achieved, in the form of top search engine rankings

Free Keyword Suggestion Tool

When your target audience search the top search engine, Google for your products or services, does your site show up in the top of the natural search engine rankings?  "How much does your phone ring?"  Guaranteed Rankings makes it a reality.   Affordable Search Engine Rankings do not require months to attain. Would you pay a builder to construct your house who would take months to start showing results? Why accept those terms with regard to the house you build through your internet presence and improved search engine rankings?  We take days to start delivering your top search engine rankings; not months.  The most affordable search engine rankings online by Goss Enterprise, a.k.a. Guaranteed Rankings.

Keyword Phrase Selection for Your Search Engine Rankings Program

We guarantee that monthly we track all your keyword placement at the search enginesGuaranteed, you will only ever have to pay for existing top search engine rankings.  Number 21 at Yahoo is third page - our online marketing service does not bill for that search engine ranking

While it is true that the search engines determine the rankings and it is not fully determined by any search engine placement company, we are highly qualified and assert our confidence in our ability as a search engine ranking company, that we will far improve your search engine rankings, and thusly only bill for that which results in top search engine rankings.


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